Wreck Your Resolutions

Wreck Your Resolutions

Resolutions Are Traditions, But…

A new year is heading our way! Many of us are seeking some version of “normal.” So, we will follow tradition and set our new year’s resolutions this month. But, one Forbes report in 2019 shares that 80% of the resolutions we set get broken before the end of the year! Whoa…

5 Alternatives To New Year’s Resolutions

If you struggle to keep New Year’s resolutions, or the thought of setting resolutions makes you break out in hives, we encourage you to wreck your resolutions! Ditch ’em and do one or more of these five popular alternatives instead:

Create a bucket list for the year.

Bucket List

Write down the things you want to experience by end of the year, fold them up, and drop them in a jar. Pull one bucket list item out of the jar, and once you complete the item, pull the next one.

Dive into a monthly 30-day challenge.

Resolutions - 30-day challenge

Do something you love, like reading great books, hiking, drawing, crafting, or exploring (Pinterest is a great place to find these), or find a new experience to explore. Visit our Resource Library for free 30-day challenge ideas.

Choose a word for the year that brings you focus and clarity.

Choose A Word

Reflect on the word. Post it in your favorite space as a personal reminder. Check out https://oneword365.com/ for inspiration and to share your word with others; or wear your word wherever you go: https://myintent.org/.

Take on a 365-day project.

Take On A Project

Find project inspiration here: https://daringtolivefully.com/launch-a-365-day-project.

Set a new goal each month.

Set Goals Monthly

Month-by-month goals keep you focused and add a bit of excitement. You can use the jar idea mentioned above here, too!

Achieving The Goals You Set

No matter where you stand on setting New Year’s resolutions, mindset and commitment are key to accomplishing any goal. A positive attitude helps you see valuable lessons and opportunities, even if you struggle to meet your goals. And choosing goals that provide you with the best chance of meeting them helps keep you positive.

The most attainable goals aren’t the ones we make for the year. The most attainable goals are the ones we make and complete each day, like being more present with our families, or connecting with a friend we haven’t engaged with in months.

This month’s quote encourages us to see this new year in a different way: as a blank, 365-page book waiting for us to fill one page a day with our experiences. This year is your opportunity to write the next chapter of your life one day at a time.

This Month’s Quote

As the current year moves into our rearview, let’s look ahead to all the opportunities and good things the next year will bring. This month’s quote encourages us to see this new year as a blank, 365-page book waiting for us to fill one page daily with memorable moments and life experiences. This year, you can write the next chapter of your life one day at a time.

January 2022 inspirational quote

This Month’s Journal Prompt

Self-Reflect and Grow

It’s time to self-reflect! Grab your favorite Disrupted Unicorn Journal Notebook and pen, get comfy, take a few deep breaths, and reflect on this month’s journal prompt.

For the next 5 – 15 minutes, write down your thoughts:

Picture yourself in December of a new year:

  • What will you have accomplished?
  • What kind of person will you be?

Journal writing is a personal and often deeply emotional activity. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed about a particular prompt we post, please feel free to skip it and journal about whatever is on your mind or heart.

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