Mark your calendar! There are over 1,500 national days. So, there is always something fun and unique to enjoy throughout the year. Below is our personal list of non-traditional day, week, and month long celebrations happening in September. Learn a little about each one and simple ways you can join the celebration.

World Letter Writing Day September 1

 Founded by: Richard Simpkin – Australian author, artist, and photographer in 2014.

What we're celebrating September - Letter Writing Month

September 1 is the day to pick up a pen, grab a sheet of paper, and pour out your feelings. If texting and emails are consuming your life, then writing something down may seem a little odd. But, World Letter Writing Day is designed to inspire the world to learn about letter writing and/or write at least one letter. The content of the letter and whether or not you send it to the recipient is totally up to you. So, mark your calendar and help us celebrate this day.

Ways to observe World Letter Writing Day:

  • Write a letter to someone and send it. Get your family and friends involved, too!
  • Write a letter to yourself.
  • Teach someone how to write a letter.
  • Read a book to a child about letter writing (e.g., Dear Dragon: A Pen Pal TaleTen Thank-You Letters).
  • Share the celebration on social: #WorldLetterWritingDay.

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National Preparedness Month September 1 – 30

Founded by: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – Ready Campaign

What we're celebrating September - National Preparedness Month

Every year, the U.S. observes National Preparedness Month in September. This observance reminds Americans about the importance of being prepared for any emergency — whether man-made or natural. Its aim is to reduce the fallout from major disasters by encouraging everyone to prepare for potential threats and plan for emergencies ahead of time.

Ways to observe National Preparedness Month:

  • Find valuable guidance and resources at

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National Self Improvement Month September 1 – September 30

Founded by: Unknown

what we're celebrating September - self improvement

National Self Improvement Month reminds us about the importance of taking care of ourselves. It’s an opportunity for us to assess how satisfied we are with ourselves and take steps to become who we desire to be.

Ways to observe National Self Improvement Month:

  • Reflect on where you are now, where you want to be, and the necessary steps to get there. Write down your self improvement goals and plan.
  • Take a 30-day Self Improvement or Self Care Challenge.
  • Read a book about an area of your life you want to improve.

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Save Your Photos Month September 1 – September 30

Founded by: The Association of Personal Photos Organizers, now known as The Photo Managers, in 2014.

what we're celebrating September - save photos month

Save Your Photos Month happens annually in September. It is designed to inspire us to organize, preserve, share and celebrate our memories. Throughout the year we capture visual memories of people, things, and experiences to remember. Yet, many of us forget the importance of preserving our photos (and videos) to keep them safe from loss. Save Your Photos Month provides an opportunity to back up and save photos and videos – whether in a well maintained photo album or digitally in the cloud.

Ways to observe Save Your Photos Month:

  • Take at least one memorable picture every day in September.
  • Participate in The Photo Managers free online learning courses.
  • Backup photos to the cloud or secure them in a physical photo album.
  • Convert old photos to digital.
  • Pick a memorable photo each day and journal about.
  • Look thru a family photo album and reflect on fond memories.

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