Mark your calendar! There are over 1,500 national days. So, there is always something fun and unique to enjoy throughout the year. Below is our personal list of non-traditional day, week, and month long celebrations happening in March. Learn a little about each one and simple ways you can join the celebration.

Share A Smile Day – March 1

Founded by: Unknown, observed since 1997.

On March 1st, it’s Share a Smile Day – an opportunity to spread joy and brighten someone’s day. Just by flashing your pearly whites you can make yourself feel better too! Scientific evidence shows that smiling reduces stress levels and blood pressure, increases endurance, and even strengthens the immune system – so why not reap these benefits? Let us be each other’s reason for smiling today…and let the wave of positivity begin!

Ways To Celebrate

  • Smile often on March 1 and watch the effect your beautiful smile has on others.
  • Do something that makes you smile (or laugh). Is it watching a comedy? reading a funny book? or laughing at smiling animals on social?
  • Smile for the camera! Take a selfie (just you or a group) flashing your most winning smile! Then post it up on your social media channels.

Celebrate With Us

World Teen Mental Wellness Day – March 14

Founded by: Hollister Company (Hollister Confidence Project)

On World Teen Mental Wellness Day, we come together around the world to support teens who may be struggling with mental health issues. In many cases, these struggles can start as early as 14 years old and go undiagnosed or untreated – something 16% of teens experience across the globe. It’s important that we strive to create an environment free from stigma surrounding mental illness so people feel comfortable discussing it openly and seeking out resources they need for support. By educating everyone on this day about how common teen-related mental illnesses like depression and suicide are, especially when left unaddressed – we’re taking a huge step towards creating happier futures!

Ways To Engage

  • Check in with the teens in your life. Be fully present to listen to how they are feeling and what’s going on in their lives.
  • Treat a teen to a mental health day. Discover what helps your teen relax and encourage them to do that!
  • Volunteer at a local teen support organization.
  • Support the effort through social media: #WorldTeenMentalWellnessDay

Engage With Us

Celebrate Your Name Week – First full week of March

Founded: 1997 by Jerry Hill, an American onomatology enthusiast

Show your gratitude for the gift of a name. Celebrate Your Name Week is celebrated during the first full week of March each year. Dive in and uncover meanings and origins of your name through some fun research. Join in with everyone else around the world who are getting back in touch with where they come from during Celebrate Your Name week!

Ways To Celebrate

  • Investigate the origin of your name. Talk to your parents, grandparents, or other relatives. What does your name mean? Who named you? Why did they choose your name?
  • Google it. Who else around the world shares your name?
  • Choose a special way to celebrate your name during this week and show your name some love!
  • Throw a Celebrate Your Name party and show some love for the names of your family and friends!

Celebrate With Us

National Write Your Story Day – March 14

Founded by: Mitzy, an author, artist, guide, and founder of Mitzy T.V.

National Write Your Story Day on March 14 is a celebration of our individual, special stories! Stories are so powerful — they capture excitement and entertain us. And through shared stories we learn about each other, discover new perspectives and ideas for innovation. So don’t be shy – tell your story! Bring to life all the unique stories that make up who you are – it could even inspire someone else or create something amazing in the world. Join us as we honor this special day with creativity and warmth.

Ways To Celebrate

  • Write something every day. Seems easier said than done but you can do it! For the month of March, grab a pen and some paper (and your favorite beverage), then find a comfy place to write. Set a timer for 5 – 10 minutes and write. Write about yourself or memorable moments in your life. The key is not stop writing until your time sounds.

Celebrate With Us

  • Can’t think of what to write? StoryCorp has an amazing set of thoughtful questions to choose from and get started! Consider recording what you write, too!
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