Mark your calendar! There are over 1,500 national days. So, there is always something fun and unique to enjoy throughout the year. Below is our personal list of non-traditional day, week, and month long celebrations happening in January. Learn a little about each one and simple ways you can join the celebration.

National Vision Board Day | January 14

Founded: Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly in June 2015

Vision Board Party 1 - Intro

National Vision Board Day invites us to dream big and achieve our goals! Celebrated annually on the second Saturday in January, this special day encourages individuals to become actively involved in their lives by setting realizable targets – be they personal or professional. National Vision Board Day began back in 2010 when a group of friends who wanted to support each other’s aspirations decided to come together and have fun making vision boards.

Ways To Celebrate

  • Create your own vision board
  • Host a vision board party
  • Share your vision board online using #NationalVisionBoardDay and #VisionBoardDay

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Get Organized Month | January 1 – 31

Founded: The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

January is the prime time for organizing! Every year, this month-long celebration of orderliness and productivity. It also promotes the value of enlisting organization and productivity consultants. Imagine having more control over your life – better utilizing your resources to improve everything from career goals to leisure activities. Define your plan and action steps to get organized, regardless of how chaotic things may seem. So, why wait? Get excited about leaving chaos behind and usher in a new year on the right track!.

Ways To Celebrate

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Self-Love Month | January 1 – 31

Founded: Unknown


January is a time of renewal and appreciation; this month marks Self-Love Month – the perfect opportunity to make yourself a priority. With so many competing demands on our lives, it’s essential to set aside some of your precious time for personal development. Build self-worth by focusing on physical health as well as spiritual and psychological growth, allowing you to recharge inside out! Invest in yourself now – because taking care of your needs today can lead you towards getting what you deserve tomorrow!

Ways To Celebrate

  • Start something new this month
  • Dive into a 30-day self-care or self-love challenge
  • Find ways to celebrate yourself throughout the month

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