Mark your calendar! There are over 1,500 national days. So, there is always something fun and unique to enjoy throughout the year. Below is our personal list of non-traditional day, week, and month long celebrations happening in December. Learn a little about each one and simple ways you can join the celebration.


Founded By: Amy O’Donnell, 2018

December - WomenSupportWomen

National Women Support Women Day is an annual celebration created to pay tribute and show our support to the women in our lives. It is a day to celebrate women for our accomplishments in the arts, politics, business, and other fields, here and around the world.

Ways To Celebrate

  • Send a note of gratitude, a bouquet of flowers, or other type of appreciation to the inspirational women in your life.
  • Send a social shout-out of support to the women who fill your life with joy.
  • Send a supportive message to a woman you know is struggling right now.
  • Plan a breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the women you love or admire.

Celebrate With us

MAKE A GIFT DAY: December 3

Founded By: Unknown

December - MakeAGift

We all love presents with a personal touch, and Make A Gift Day is the perfect way to add some extra significance to your gift-giving process. Observed on December 3rd each year, this unofficial holiday encourages us to bring our unique brand of creativity to gift giving instead of relying solely upon pre-wrapped goods or other purchased items as gifts. By creating something yourself, you can make it more exclusive for loved ones.

Ways to Celebrate

  • Throw a gift making party.
  • Get your DIY on! Use Google or search YouTube for easy-to-make DIY gift ideas.
  • Learn something new to share with others.
  • Give a DIY inspired gift for the holidays.

Celebrate With Us


Founded By: Unknown

December - BathtubPartyDay

Yep. There is indeed a holiday called Bathtub Party Day! Believe it or not, it’s held December 5 every year. So what happens during Bathtub Party Day? If you’ve ever taken a long, soothing bath surrounded by candles, mountains of aromatic bubbles, and a little quiet, then you know the power of a bathtub! So, find a tub full of water and celebrate Bathtub Party Day your way!

Ways To Celebrate

  • Grab your favorite bath bombs or bubbles, fill the tub, hop in, and enjoy!
  • Have a splash party with friends (what? jacuzzies and swimming pools make big bathtubs – sort of…)
  • Make bath time with your kids a splishy, splashy event.
  • Try a new bathtub accessory or fun addition (e.g. a new fragrance, rose petals, bath bomb, sponge, rubber ducky – do you!)

Celebrate With Us

  • Enjoy your time in the tub with the suds!

GAMES DAY: December 20

Founded By: Games Workshop

December - GameDay

Game on! Games Day happens on December 20. Games are a great way to spend time and share some laughs (and a little friendly competition) with family and friends. Games can be competitive or collaborative, but either way they always provide an experience that’s worth talking about later with your friends over coffee (or beer). So December 20, break out your favorite games – card games, board games, video games, card games – any kind of game – and enjoy this day of play!

Ways To Celebrate

  • Play your favorite game: classic games, childhood games, online games, video games, card games – any game you enjoy playing!
  • Host a game party with family and friends.
  • Learn to play a new game you’ve never played before.

Celebrate With Us

  • We are so here for this holiday – Monopoly, Scrabble, and Uno – let’s play!
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