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Mark your calendar! There are over 1,500 national days. So, there is always something fun and unique to enjoy throughout the year. Below is our personal list of non-traditional day, week, and month long celebrations happening in April. Learn a little about each one and simple ways you can join the celebration.

National Volunteer Month: April 1 – 30

Origin: Begin in the 1940’s in Canada and reached to US in the 1970’s

smiling woman wearing t-shirt with the word volunteer

April is a month of celebration and recognition for volunteers! These selfless individuals donate their time, energy, and skills to do the jobs that others can’t or won’t – from nurturing those in need at shelters, to clearing up after events. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to these remarkable people who work tirelessly throughout the year; National Volunteer Month gives us all an opportunity to thank them publicly for setting such inspirational examples in our communities! Let’s take this chance to give back by getting involved ourselves. Volunteerism has so many rewards beyond just giving assistance where it’s needed most.

Ways To Celebrate:

  • Shower a volunteer with appreciation in person and/or on social media (use hashtag #NationalVolunteersMonth).
  • Volunteer for a local organization or cause you believe in.
  • Do a good deed for someone else.

Celebrate With Us:

National Self-Care Day: April 5

Founded By: Unknown

self-care items: towel, lit candle, stones, oil, and a flower

April 5 is National Self-Care Day! It’s our one day a year to make it all about us and focus on taking care of ourselves. Life can be busy, but self-care shouldn’t take the backseat – regular rest and TLC are key ingredients for staying in top shape mentally, physically, emotionally… you name it! So let’s prioritize looking after number one this April 5th – do something special just for yourself (yes that includes bubble baths!)

Ways To Celebrate:

  • Take a break from tech and do something you enjoy but haven’t done in awhile.
  • Treat yourself to something nice like buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • Go sit and enjoy a local place you love.
  • Take a mental health day and spend it taking care of yourself – take a bubble bath, go to the spa, walk outdoors, read new book, watch your favorite movie, or sit in perfect silence.
  • Commit to doing self-care on a regular basis and make a plan!

Celebrate With Us:

National Unicorn Day: April 9

Origin: Unknown

Colorful unicorn themed cupcakes

National Unicorn Day on April 9 is here to remind us of the joys a little imagination can bring! This mythical creature has been inspiring children and adults alike for centuries, bringing happiness through its magical promise. So take some time out on April 9th and show your appreciation for unicorns with their signature colors – rainbows, sparkles, glitter and more. Whether it’s displaying unicorn-themed clothing or cakes that have made so many birthdays special; join in celebrating the spirit of these majestic creatures to make any day feel extraordinary!

Ways To Celebrate:

Celebrate With Us:

  • How could we not celebrate National Unicorn Day? It’s an important part of our name! Unicorns represent innocence, goodness, freedom, and power. Celebrate with us by being your own kind of unicorn, bringing your own kind of magic this entire day!

National Donate A Book Day: April 14

Origin: Book-of-the-Month Club, 1926

Books packed in a box

April 14 is National Donate a Book Day! Clear out those bookshelves, sort your reading material, and share the knowledge with others by donating new or gently used books to local libraries. Your donation may even find its way into a Friends of Libraries book sale fundraiser — funding future literacy-filled endeavors for you and people everywhere!

Ways To Celebrate:

  • Donate a new or gently used book to your local library.
  • Get family and friends involved – donate books together.
  • Donate a book to a little free library in your neighborhood.

Celebrate With Us:

  • If your neighborhood doesn’t have a little free library, consider gathering your family and friends to build one of your own. Visit the Little Free Library website.
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