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What made you smile today?

Not one of those fake, half-hearted smirks like you smell stinky feet.

We’re talking about the kind of smile that comes from your soul and shines outward through your face, attitude, and outlook on life.

The kind of smile that’s so broad the other parts of your face happily join the party.

The smile that makes anyone and everyone near you dawn their own goofy smiles just because they can’t help it.

The smile that blankets you and those around you in warmth and love.

It has been proven in studies widely available on the internet that smiling has great benefits, like:

  • Helping you live longer.
  • Putting you in a better mood.
  • Helping you stress less.
  • Helping you stay positive.

Simply put, smiling feels good and it’s good for you, too!

This Month’s Quote

This month we’re going quote free! Instead, we’re letting our minds travel to the things in our lives that give us a reason smile each day. Let’s journal about it…

This Month’s Journal Prompt

Self-Reflect and Grow

It’s time to self-reflect! Grab your favorite Disrupted Unicorn Journal Notebook and pen, get comfy, take a few deep breaths, and reflect on this month’s journal prompt:

For the next 5 – 15 minutes, write about the following:

  • Fill one (or two) journal pages with all of the things that genuinely make you smile.

Level up (optional):

  • Find an empty cup or jar.
  • Write each of the things from your journal on a small piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in the jar.
  • Anytime you need a mood booster, pull a slip of paper from the jar and spend a little time thinking and smiling about what you’ve written.

Journal writing is a personal and often deeply emotional activity. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed about a particular prompt we post, please feel free to skip it and journal about whatever is on your mind or heart.

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