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Just For Fun: What do you love doing?

Self-happiness (or personal happiness) is a sense of joy or satisfaction with one’s self. A feeling of contentment.

Many people find self-happiness in hobbies, activities, or social causes they’re passionate about. They dive into the one thing that causes them to lose all track of time. Their happy place.

What is that one thing which brings YOU the most joy?

Take Us On Your Journey

Maybe your “thing” is reading good books or tapping into your creative side (like doodling, drawing, coloring).

We offer a variety of fun and engaging solutions designed to help you celebrate self-happiness. Specifically, doing the things that light you up from the inside out.

Explore our current collection below and purchase your favorites today!

My Life In Doodles Journal


Doodle, sketch, or draw about the memorable moments in your life. From family and friends to personal goals and fun, My Life In Doodles makes the perfect travel-sized companion (6 x 9 inches) to doodle about your everyday life. This journal features eight life sections. Each section includes six guided prompts, space for random doodles, and a “doodle this” challenge. Grab one for yourself and a friend!

Four doodle notebooks against vibrant color backgrounds. Titles: Pretty Sketchy, Doodling Is My Happy Place, Doodle Notebook, and It's a Great Day to Doodle


It’s time to take a break from adulting! Grab your pencils, pens, light fine tip markers, and one of our colorful doodle notebooks. Then, doodle, scribble, sketch, or draw whatever is on your mind. These doodle notebooks make a relaxing and engaging gift for introverts and anyone who enjoys creative self-expression. Grab one for yourself, and another for a friend.

Three Adult Coloring Books


When was the last time you connected with your creative side? Coloring is a fun and engaging way to do just that! And, studies show there are loads of benefits for adults who color. One of our amazing adult coloring books, your favorite coloring pencils or crayons will bring you moments of well-deserved relaxation. Grab one for yourself and a friend, and color together!

Book reading log collection with titles read more books, so many books, books and coffee, it's a great day to read


Whether you’re an avid book lover, devouring books on the best seller list; or someone who simply enjoys a good book every now and then, these reading logs offer a space to capture your list of books, summarize your thoughts, and track reading progress – all in one place.

Quote Log - Always Believe in the Impossible quote in white with burnt orange accents


“Always believe in the impossible”.

My Favorite Quotes is a log book for anyone who loves a great quote or saying from a book, favorite line from a TV show or movie, family and friends. Memorable, crazy, or funny – capture all the things people say that feed, shape, or change your life. This quotes tracker offers space to write down the quote or saying, capture the quote’s impact on your life, and jot down your personal notes and insights.

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