From Stuck To Unstuck

Where Did That Come From?

It sneaks up on us, that “stuck” feeling. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, we work through the routines we’ve become accustomed to. Yes, it may seem uneventful at times, but we still feel we’re working towards something greater, like: high school, college, graduation, new job, new home, marriage, promotion, retirement, changing the world. Then, one day we find ourselves simply killing time until we have no more time. We feel stuck and clueless how to get “unstuck”. It sucks!

Stuck Feels Like…

So, what does “stuck” feel like? Symptoms of feeling “stuck” may vary from person to person. Typically…

  • Every day seems like the day before. You now call everyday “blursday” because they all seem the same.
  • Inspiration and excitement have left the building. You’re moving through each day the best way you can, most times on auto pilot.
  • Mojo is low. Your motivation is on “Empty”. That new project you were so excited about months ago now looks like a lot of freakin’ work. Ugh!
  • Life feels dull and boring. You really want to try something new, but you’re stuck in “I don’t even know where to start” land. And the thought of starting anything new is not the space you’re in right now.
  • Risky business by-pass. You’re ok with trying something new, but doubt and fear of what it will cost you mentally, physically, or financially chains you to your comfort zone.

Note: Some signs of “stuck” may also indicate a deeper issue, such as Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) or depression. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Getting Unstuck

The good news? Getting unstuck starts first in your head. Every transformational coach like Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer, and Iyanla Vanzant – emphasize how much our mindset defines how we feel. What you think becomes your reality. What you say to yourself and about yourself becomes what the “universe” delivers to you.

We define what we want our reality to look like. Then, we take action to move us towards that end state. Your actions to get unstuck may be changes to:

  • Your mindset. Explore the source of your rut and and small steps you can take to move out of it.
  • Your self-care and self-compassion routines. Find ways to change the channel by reframing negative thoughts. Ask for help when you need it.
  • Mix up your daily routines by slowly introducing something new. Doesn’t have to be a big, earth-shattering thing. Baby steps works just fine.
  • Location you love. Sometimes a different environment makes a big difference in your mood.

This Month’s Quote

This month’s quote reminds us that “stuck” is a choice. Choice begins in our minds – that place where we decide to be or not to be something. Our minds and our actions are the most powerful tools we own to move ourselves from stuck to unstuck. You have the power to choose when and how to get unstuck. It may not be easy, but one step is all it takes to get started. Let’s journal about it…

This Month’s Journal Prompt

Self-Reflect and Grow

It’s time to self-reflect! Grab your favorite Disrupted Unicorn Journal Notebook and pen, get comfy, take a few deep breaths, and reflect on this month’s journal prompt:

For the next 5 – 15 minutes, write down your thoughts:

  • Re-read this month’s quote.
  • How do you want to feel this week? Pick your top three most desired feelings.⁠⁠
  • For each desired feeling, what is one thing you enjoy doing that makes you feel that way?
  • Make a commitment to yourself to do what creates your desired feelings. Finish the sentence: “This week, I commit to…”

Level up (optional):

Journal writing is a personal and often deeply emotional activity. If you feel uncomfortable or distressed about a particular prompt we post, please feel free to skip it and journal about whatever is on your mind or heart.

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