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Thank you for your interest in our digital products! Click the “+” sign beside each digital product FAQ to learn more.

Printable Products: Our printable products are designed for women who prefer to manage and organize life using pen and paper. Once downloaded, our printables can be opened and printed as many times as needed, for personal use.

Digital Products: Our digital products are ideal for women who enjoy planning or journaling electronically. Unlike printables, there are no physical pieces of paper, which is excellent for the environment! Digital products are used directly on an iPad (or similar device), running a compatible PDF annotation, editing, or note-taking program (like GoodNotes or Notability apps), and an Apple pencil (or stylus) compatible with the device. Digital products can be reused, and the digital pages can be duplicated within your PDF annotation app as many times as needed, for personal use only.

Note: No physical product will be mailed to your address when you purchase a printable or digital product from our store. Meaning, no shipping costs! Purchase, download, and use instantly!

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Our digital products are designed to be used on an iPad running the current versions of Goodnotes or Notability.

To use our digital products successfully, you’ll need the following:

  • An iPad
  • A compatible Apple pencil (recommended) or stylus, and
  • A compatible PDF annotation/editing program (like GoodNotes or Notability).

Don’t have an iPad? Our digital products can also be used on Android tablets running current versions of Noteshelf and Xodo.

Our digital products are *not* designed or supported for use with OneNote, Notions, or Evernote.

No. Our printable and digital products are beautifully and functionally designed to be used as is.

We do not limit the number of pages you can duplicate (copy/paste). However, you may run into these limitations:

  • The PDF annotation-editing app/program you use may impose limits. So far, we haven’t found one, as most of these apps/programs allow “infinite pages.”
  • Amount of memory or storage on your tablet or other location (like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud). Duplicating pages increases the size of the digital item, how fast it loads in your app/program, and the amount of storage it uses.

  1. Purchase your favorite digital product from our store.
  2. Once Etsy processes your payment, you will have access to download the purchased files.
  3. Download the files from Etsy to your iPad or storage location (like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive). Remember this location!
  4. Follow your PDF annotation/editing app’s instructions to import the files. Note: Our digital products include a help file for Goodnotes and Notability.
  5. Once imported, you’re ready to use it!

Never run out of pages: Use your PDF annotation/editing app to duplicate (copy/paste) as many of the content pages as you need, whenever you need them! Please refer to your PDF annotation/editing app help guide for more information.

We use an iPad Pro running Goodnotes and use an Apple pencil for the best experience.

Our digital products are hyperlinked PDF files.  They are specifically designed to be used on an iPad running Goodnotes or Notability apps.

But, they can also be used with most PDF annotation-editing apps or programs that support hyperlinked PDF files, such as Noteshelf and Xodo (for Android tablets).

Our digital products are*not* designed or supported for use with OneNote, Notions, or Evernote.

Any printable or digital product you purchase from our store will be accessible to you in your Etsy account. You can download them again if needed. Learn more here:

An internet connection is needed to download our digital products to your device or document storage location.

Once the file is on your device, an internet connection is not necessary to use the product.

Purchase of printable or digital products from our store is strictly for non-commercial, personal use only. You may not resell, reproduce, distribute by electronic or printed means, or profit in any way from our product designs. Disrupted Unicorn Publishing, LLC all rights reserved.

Please be sure to thoroughly read our Etsy product descriptions before purchasing.

Due to the nature of printable and digital products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

If you have any issues or questions concerning the PDF files themselves, please message us on Etsy. We will do our best to assist you.

Troubleshooting Assistance

Check that you are using the correct mode within your PDF annotation program. Most PDF annotation programs have a reading mode and an editing mode.

  • In reading mode, you can view and navigate the file by clicking tabs and buttons. Hyperlinks only work in reading mode.
  • In editing mode, you can add images, duplicate pages, write, and more. But, hyperlinks are not active when you are in editing mode, so clicking the tabs will not work.

Consult the help or support page for your specific PDF annotation-editing program for information about which mode is required in order for hyperlinks to work correctly.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide advice on functionality once the digital products are edited or pages are added/deleted. A few tips that may help:

  • Check that you are adding/deleting the content pages correctly by referring to your PDF annotation program’s instructions.
  • Try restarting your PDF annotation program.
  • Download a new copy of the digital product from Etsy.

  • Your device may need to be restarted.
  • You may be running out of storage.
  • The amount of memory on your device may be at its maximum.
  • If you have lots of pages, your PDF annotation app/program may be slow to display the pages.
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