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When it comes to writing things down, are you…


You enjoy a sense of calm and focus that comes from writing, doodling, or coloring in a physical book. All the stresses of your day seem to pause while you lose yourself between the pages of your favorite journal or book. For you, Paper Maven, we have a variety of paperbacks designed for specific purposes. No matter what “writing zone” you want to be in, we wanna be there with you! So, journal your thoughts, bring color to your day, manage to-do lists, or dive into hobbies – it’s all right here!

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You write things down to stay one step ahead of chaos because you never know what the day will bring! Printables are your happy place. They create a space to get your ideas and plans for the day or week out of your head and down on paper. From checklists and to-do’s to planner pages and calendars, we offer printables that make organizing your day easier. You just pick, purchase, download, and print as much as you need whenever you need it. (You just got chills, didn’t you?).

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You’re a multi-tasker. Your day is full of family and friends, work and leisure activities. You’ve mastered using your smartphone or tablet to help you juggle it all! In fact, your smartphone or tablet feels like your fifth limb! Your ability to use a mobile device to keep you connected, organized, and ready to take on your day makes our digital products a perfect companion! Purchase and load our digital writing products into your PDF annotation or note-taking app (like Goodnotes or Notability) to use anytime – with the click of a button!

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You’re a free spirit, Explorer. Not married to any specific writing style. You enjoy exploring different options and trying a variety of styles to uncover what you like – in the moment. Our Resource Library will be your new happy place! If you’re looking for inspiration or looking to experience something new, our Resource Library is the place to be. From journaling and doodling to adult coloring, managing your to do’s and hobby love, our free tools are designed to inspire you to write life down in any style you enjoy. Download free stuff today!

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